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14August 2018

Aspects Make Custom Embroidery Digitization So Important

The embroidery digitization procedure involves the conversion of images into the digital format. The custom embroidery digitization converts artwork into the digital format through the utilization of the embroidery machines. The final quality and overall look of design depend upon the quality of digitization. The highly skilled digitizer makes sure that the right choice is actually made both in terms of design and the fabric for the creation of the perfect digital image which would stitch out on the fabric in a perfect manner. There is a range of factors which have to be accounted for ensuring the successful implementation of the embroidered design.

Factors which are crucial for creating top quality digital images which eventually leads to high quality embroidered design

Given below are few of the factors which are crucial for creating the top quality digital images which eventually leads to the high quality embroidered design.

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Stitches Type:

Various Types of Stiches

During the digitization procedure, each and every part of the image is being assigned a certain type of the stitches. The stitch types are being chosen on the basis of the representation of the design. There are three basic types of stitches –satin, run and the fill one.

Fabric Type

Different types of the fabrics are utilized for the digitization. It is the nature of fabric which decides upon the final design. The nature of the fabric actually influences the choice of the stitches as well which is being assigned during the custom embroidery digitization process. For example, the dense fabric allows the design to stand out and in lighter ones, the design tends to actually sink.

Choice of Software

For the custom embroidery digitization services, it is crucial for the experts to utilize the right kind of the software for maintaining the quality of the image which is being sent out for the embroidery. Several of the options are actually available which comprise of the varied features like the top line software which provides the top quality designs for meeting the customer’s expectations.

Push and Pull Effect

Push and Pull Effect on Designs

When the embroidery of the particular design is done, the fabric actually tends to move. Due to this, one can easily observe the push and pull effect. This is a type of condition when few of the stitches get shifted out from a particular position. On the bulky design, it is more prominent and it is quite crucial to compensate it.

Defining Underlying Stitches

The underlying stitches are actually the foundation of the embroidery digitization. This is quite essential for the stabilization of the fabric towards the backing. It provides quite a smooth foundation for the design too. In case there would be no underlying stitches, the fabric would actually start sinking down and it will be resulting in the low-quality embroidery design. Thus defining underlying stitches is one of the best ways to add density to the design.

Choice of The Foam

The type of the foam chosen actually depends upon the height of the design which you actually want to embroider. If you want the 3D or the protruded effect, then the foam should be the thicker one and it will increase the height of the design.

Density of Stitch

The stitch density of the 3D puff embroidery design can be kept high in comparison to the normal and flat designs. The high density is being essentially referred to the satin stitches itself which actually arise on the top of the flat design itself.

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